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Japan Origin Discus Breeder
World-Wide Agents Needed
Initial mobile contact Uday Singh
Japan +81 80-6625-6658
Fax (your company profile only) +81 3-3677-8019

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E-mail : sales@discusjapan.com
DiscusJapan List Blue Diamond Cobalt Solid Brilliant Red Tuaquoise
Red Spot Mosaic Solid Red Solid Yellow Leopard Snake
Blue Snake Red Snake Pigeon Blood Wild Cross Misc
Why choose us

As we all know DISCUS FISH (SYMPHYSODON AEQUILFASCIATUS) is the King of Fresh water fish, ideas and believes may vary from breeder to breeder having different concepts and ideas regarding its quality, size, shapes, variations in colors and characteristics that they each posses. Either it is REDSPOT, COBALT, BLUE, YELLOW, CHECKERBOARD, WILDCROSS, LEOPARDSKIN, SNAKE, WWFF, ALBINO the importance which most matters is it’s human nature that each posses.

ECOLOGY is a study of NATURE and its ENVIRONMENT. Just like HUMAN BEINGS NEED CHEMICAL FREE WORLD, Discus also needs similar conditions to live life and enjoy its existence to maximum level. Every Fish has its own unique feature just like you and I.

Here at our Discus Fish Farm we have dedicated more than 15 years of research And patience to achieve our own brand DISCUS which shall hopefully content your heart expectations and imaginations that one had till now.

AS cost related issues is the main factor which determines a venture in Japan. We have challenged that no one would even dare. Yes Breeding Discus Fish right Here in Japan as close to nature and in a chemical free environment with high Immune capabilities.


LET YOUR EYES BE THE JUDGE. ONLY“ A “GRADE FISH WILL BE EXPORTED and the sizes will be from 〜9cm till 18cm

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